Osmosis is a natural process in which a more diluted solution passes spontaneously to a more concentrated solution through a semipermeable membrane.
The concept of reverse osmosis is, however, just the opposite; it needs to create a reverse flow to the natural one and this is obtained by applying a pressure greater than the osmotic pressure to the more concentrated solution.
In this way you will have, on one side of the membrane, a solution with low salinity said permeate and the other will be extracted the dissolved salts from the concentrated solution which will generate a flow of OFFSET.
This system is controlled automatically by a control panel, it is reliable and can operate continuously, no need for regeneration or washing, but it is advisable a pre-treatment which can also run automatically.
Reverse osmosis systems are designed for many applications, from the desalination of sea water, brackish water or well water for drinking or industrial use of various types, to the desalination of water intended to supply plants of demineralisation on resins, thermal power plants, food plants, chemical plants , electronic plants, pharmaceutical plants, plating, etc.